The DJ has confessed on several occasions that he suffers from an addiction problem

A few years ago, it was an open secret and known to the press that Isabel Pantoja’s son had a serious addiction problem. However, it wasn’t until he himself made it public in the house of ‘Big Brother Duo’ when the taboo on this matter was lifted. “I’m going to be sincere with you. I have never said it, but at certain times in my life, and that’s where my depression comes from, I had a drug addiction. I had a very bad time, I had very bad companies … All those lows I thought were solved with that, and thanks to my wife, to my mother and my friends I have managed to leave that world ”, revealed through tears in the curve of his life.

Now it has become known why Kiko Rivera refuses to enter a center specialized in treating his addiction problems, and that is to the son of the tonadillera He is terrified that it may leak into public opinion. “It is true that his life is public, but in these very delicate issues it would be necessary to maintain his privacy a bit, and he does not want him to make the headlines if he enters”, Explained his wife Irene Rosales on his last visit to ‘Viva la vida’.

Hashish and cocaine

In fact, it was Kiko Rivera himself who recognized in ‘Big Brother Duo’ that his is a problem that you have to learn to live with and that you always have to be alert to any relapse. “Today I continue with my treatment. I keep doing my tests where my family You can check that I am still complying with what I have to do ”, he explained. Although he did not want to go into much detail, the DJ also pointed out that the substances he was referring to were hashish and marijuana, although he also pointed out that he had tried cocaine sporadically.

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