The forceful message of Fátima Molina after criticism for her physique

The forceful message of Fátima Molina after criticism for her physique

“The truth is I have no idea whether or not our telenovela ‘Te acuerdas de me’ will change from primetime, as they say someone commented. I don’t know if it’s just gossip. Much less did I have any idea that some people in the audience They say it’s my fault, it’s physical, because I’m a brunette, because I have a mole under my eye, because I’m not tall, ‘because I’m very Mexican,’ “the 34-year-old interpreter wrote on her social networks.

I did not know, I did not know it. But if that becomes real, how sad that in these times for some it is impossible to break with the stereotypes that you yourself as an audience continue to mark for television. If this is true, discrimination will have to be dealt with. Hopefully one day we will open our minds and see diversity in all its aspects on our screens, “he added.

The actress made it clear that “she fully advocates freedom of expression always in positive construction, whether in the media, social networks or whatever the means of implementation” and asked to raise awareness of what is said, done or promulgated.

“Thanks to the people who support the novel and continue to join. Thanks to the people, the public, producers, directors and the media who have supported and followed my work in film, series and now on open television. The change begins For oneself. I am not perfect, I know. But who is? I like and accept myself. That is the important thing, “he asserted.

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