Colombian singer Shakira does not stop trying some changes in her musical career, as she has let it be known after recording a song with the band Fuerza Regida, where she showed that now she wants to venture into the world of regional Mexican music, while part of the video released shows how much she enjoys dancing this genre.

The singer Shakira was off for a large part of her career while she was the sentimental partner of Gerard Piqué. However, everything was changing from the moment she decided to record ‘Te felicito’, a song she performed with Rauw Alejandro. Since that time she has not stopped working and always releases one song after another and they end up becoming a worldwide hit.

At the same time, she surprises her fans again with the new song she brings this time, and she debuts singing another genre that left more than one perplexed, it is the regional Mexican, because the Colombian took a few seconds of her time to offer a preview of the song ‘El jefe’, which also interprets with the band Fuerza Regida.

The mother of Milan and Sasha also showed the rhythm that is in her blood, as she did not miss the opportunity to dance to the new song that you will be able to listen to from September 20. Pique’s ex-couple wore a black outfit accompanied by a hat, a flannel and a short skirt with some straps that fell down her legs, as well as boots that almost reached her knees.

Internet users took the time to comment on the new content they were watching and the comments, as usual, were a little divided because some laughed, others supported her, while not everyone thought the new rhythm looked good on her.

“Thanks Clara Chia for giving us back SHAKIRA”, “I still wonder how Piqué didn’t appreciate this woman”, “She already bores me. Too much saturation between her and Karol G”, “I’m tired of the same thing”, “This style doesn’t fit her at all”, “What a laugh the comments, while some like it, others don’t, it’s normal”, “She looks good in everything she does, she is the best artist in the world”, “Regional Mexican is the next genre in world trend”, “Wao, this woman is always taking it out of the stadium”, “I can’t help it, I find it funny”, were some of the reactions registered in the post.

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