More than 20 million people in the southwest of the country are on heat alert, in many cases exceeding forty degrees Celsius.

California has started the month of June with temperatures near record highs for the month. After almost a week of heat wave, most of the southwestern states, including Texas, and a large part of the states of Nevada and Arizona.

Although this situation will last at least another week, temperatures will drop slightly in most places, although specific points in New Mexico and Texas could reach 45 degrees Celsius in one of the hottest starts to summer in recent memory.

Major cities such as Sacramento, Las Vegas, Phoenix and El Paso, with the Arizona city predicting the highest highs, with up to 43 degrees Celsius this Wednesday and next Thursday. Las Vegas will also reach 42.5 degrees tomorrow at its highest temperature point.

The heat that precedes the storm

Meteorologists have anticipated that this heat wave has an expiration date. By the end of the week, Texas and other adjacent areas will begin to experience a storm with water and strong wind gusts that could trigger a new alert in the southern United States.

This cold front that will bring with it a significant drop in temperatures and precipitation may even lead to hail. According to the State Meteorological Service, this storm will last between 3 or 4 days once temperatures drop.

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