Shakira, first images after her new and commented, indirect? to Gerard Pique

Shakira, first images after her new and commented, indirect? to Gerard Pique

Shakira has been posting enigmatic messages on her social networks for days that have sparked madness among her followers. Phrases that she has been sharing in drops without giving any kind of explanation and that many have interpreted as direct darts to Gerard Piqué, with whom she still has not reached a separation agreement 5 months after their media break: “It was not her fault yours…”; “Neither mine”; “It was the fault of the motonía”; “I never said anything, but it hurt me. I knew this would happen”. She is the icing on the cake in this succession of messages that have revolutionized Twitter… a video in which a heart is seen trampled on the ground by a man.

A studied marketing campaign with which Shakira has announced the launch of her new song, ‘Monotonia‘, a collaboration with Ozuna that she recorded in Barcelona several weeks ago and that promises to give a lot, a lot to talk about.

And it is that if many have already seen in ‘I congratulate you’ a clear message to Piqué – “To complete you I broke into pieces, they warned me but I did not listen, I realized that yours is false, it was the drop that broke the camel’s back ” says the song – ‘Monotonia’ could be another open-hearted confession of what she suffered after her breakup with the footballer.

Meanwhile, and awaiting the release of her new hit-which will take place on October 19-Shakira is still focused on her children and this weekend she has traveled to Valencia to support Milan in their last baseball championship. Demonstrating that the little ones are also the most important thing for him, Piqué has also traveled to the Turia capital, starring in a tense encounter with his ex, with whom he did not speak at any time.

Late this Sunday, the Colombian returned to Barcelona with her children and with her brother Tonino de ella. With a sporty look – cargo pants, a T-shirt with a Balenciaga message, a cap and sunglasses – Shakira wore the best of her smiles, however, avoiding commenting on the enigmatic messages that she has shared on social networks.

Quite a madrassa, the singer was full of affectionate gestures with both Milan and Sasha, whom she hugged affectionately, very aware that the presence of the cameras in the AVE station did not affect her little ones, overwhelmed by the media expectation that wakes his mother at every step.

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