Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro ‘s courtship has become one of the most consolidated in the urban genre since they began to give clues that they were dating in October 2020. Since their relationship was confirmed, they have made a joint appearance on the carpet red , they mess it up twerking together at concerts and go out for romantic dinners and even, it is rumored that they plan to buy a mansion in Catalonia. Their success as a couple is as great as the one that the two have accumulated in their musical careers. Rosalía, for her part, has just released her controversial album ‘Motomami’ , which everyone is talking about. Although Daddy Yankee,known as “the boss of reggaeton”, he seems to have eclipsed the Catalan album with his own: ‘Legendary’, a project with which he bids farewell to the industry after more than three decades giving us some of the best reggaeton songs in history .

For his latest album, Daddy Yankee has had many of the most renowned reggaeton players, including, of course, Rauw Alejandro. Both artists, together with Nile Rodgers, have composed the song ‘Agua’ , in which there is a tribute to Rosalía. It is a wink – literally – in which both Daddy and Rauw mention the phrase “with height”, the title of one of the most famous songs of the Catalan , whose video clip accumulates almost 2 billion views. When Rauw Alejandro pronounces these words, he winks at the camera. Have you not seen it yet?! Here is the moment:

The fans of both have gone crazy to hear Rauw Alejandro throwing a nice hint at his partner in his latest collaboration, since it is one more example that the love of the singers goes through one of the best moments. In addition, we suppose that for Rosalía it will also be a gift to have found a place on the latest album by Daddy Yankee, whom many consider to be the father of reggaeton and who will go down in history as a legend.

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