Olivia Rodrigo is the new icon of generation Z. In just one year, the 19-year-old singer has become one of the biggest stars of the moment, and all thanks to her debut album, ‘Sour’. Her first big project on television was hand in hand with Disney (in 2016 she appeared in the series ‘Bizaardvark’ and later his role in the ‘reboot’ of ‘High School Musical’ would come ), so it makes sense that her new television project It has been hand in hand with the cartoon factory, and more specifically, for its streaming platform: Disney +. This March 25 is a very special day for her, as ‘Drive Home 2 U’ is released , a documentary in which she tells us a lot of details about her latest album.

The artist has released this new project from the hand of Disney + one year after the launch of ‘Sour’. If you loved her first album and you weren’t sure about some of the great songs contained in it (such as ‘Good 4 u’ or ‘Driver’s Licence’), then you’re going to love what’s new for you. Olivia Rodrigo has surprised all her fans by including two new songs in her documentary, hit her to unreleased: ‘Crying in the Parking a lot and ‘Baby is You‘.

We discover the first song in the middle of the documentary, at a time when the artist is in the studio composing with her producer, Dan Nigro. she shows her a snippet from the first song they wrote together, a ballad that has broken our hearts. About this, the artist acknowledges that the day she wrote it “I was quite sad.”

Crying in the parking lot, you don’t know what you want / I gave you everything, I guess everything’s not enough / You say you lost your best friend, how do you think I feel? / You say it’s over again, but this time it’s real,” Olivia sings. The singer doesn’t explain why she didn’t release it at the time, though she’s glad she finally saw the light of day.


The second song, ‘Baby is You‘ , does not appear until the credits scene. It’s also quite a sad song with clear ‘country’ influences. At the moment, both songs can only be heard in the documentary. We will have to wait to find out if it is finally encouraged to launch them officially.

A documentary very well received by her fans, because not only has he given them new music (which is not little), but she has also told many interesting things: how she lived her rise to fame and, of course, all the secrets behind her album, ‘Sour’. Haven `t you seen it yet? Dude, you’re already late.

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