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Pop Smoke’s killer was only 15 years old: all the details

Pop Smoke (whose real name was Bashar Barakah Jackson) was murdered in his own Los Angeles home in February 2020.

That day, the world was in shock : another rapper who was destined to make history had just been shot dead. Almost like a tragic déjà vu , history was repeating itself in hip hop.

Pop died after being shot twice in the house he rented in the Hollywood Hills . According to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner, the artist died from the shot he had received in the torso.

The reason for the murder was none other than stealing her jewelry, especially the diamond-encrusted Rolex , among other pieces.

If all the news regarding his early death is tragic enough , it is even more so with what we now know.

And it is that only a few hours ago it was just known that the person in charge of pulling the trigger and ending the life of the popular artist was only fifteen years old. Exactly, the killer was a teenager.

It appears that the culprit has admitted  the facts during an interview recorded by his cellmate in a juvenile detention center. In fact, Detective Carlos Camacho (in charge of the case) stated the following:

“The culprit has admitted that he shot the victim a total of three times with a 9-millimeter Baretta”

The alleged murderer also admitted that upon entering the artist’s home they asked him for the jewels, then there was a confrontation with Smoke and he was shot three times.

The detainee acknowledged having shot him in the torso and also that they used masks, gloves and a police scanner to try to evade subsequent investigations.

It seems that little by little the death of one of those artists who were called to place themselves on the throne of an entire genre is becoming clearer .

If we look at all the characteristics of the case, the truth is that it is quite sad. Not just the murder of such a young and talented rapper, but the fact that a boy of only fifteen had nothing better to do than rob and murder another human being.

As always, reality is stranger than fiction and we are in a crazy world of auction.

Ashley Johnson
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