J Balvin cornered: YouTube deleted a video clip for being racist and sexist, and there was even a request for “jail”

J Balvin cornered: YouTube deleted a video clip for being racist and sexist, and there was even a request for “jail”

The platform removed from circulation the song Perra , by the Colombian reggaeton, which was harshly criticized.

The YouTube platform removed from its contents the video clip of the song Perra , by the Colombian reggaeton artist J Balvin,  after strong rejection from different sectors for its sexist nature.

The controversy was started from the images of the video clip, in which you could see two women dressed in dog ears and noses, being dragged on a leash , in an evident attitude of domination. The Dominican rapper Tokischa also participates in the song and video.

Meanwhile, in the video the singer was reeling off the controversial verses of the song, which in one of its stanzas reads: ” Let’s go ‘to enchant us’ like a ‘viralata dog, I’m a stray bitch with the breed popola, this Purina eats you’, Let’s go to the kennel, let’s stay hooked in the middle of the road, I’m a bitch in heat, I’m looking for a dog to stay stuck .

Political repudiation

After the song was broadcast, the vice president of Colombia, Marta Lucía Ramírez, and the presidential advisor for Women’s Equity, Gheidy Gallo Santos, published a public letter rejecting the content of the lyrics, which they considered an “attack against women “and” an exercise of sexist violence ,  according to newspapers in that country.

“The artist uses images of women and Afro-descendant people – population groups with special constitutional protection – whom he presents with dog ears,” says the text.

“In addition, while walking, the singer carries two Afro-descendant women tied with neck chains and crawling on the floor like animals or slaves,” he adds.

“As if this were not enough, the lyrics of the song have direct open sexist, racist, macho and misogynistic expressions that violate the rights of women, comparing them to an animal that must be dominated and mistreated, with expressions that are not worth repeating” , ends.

As a result of this situation, the authorities anticipated that they will invite the singer and representatives of the entire local music industry to sign a pact in which they commit to participate in the dissemination of women’s rights and the prevention of violence.

“To objectify women is to fail as a society,” Ramírez reiterated. So far, J Balvin has not commented on the matter.

Criticisms of intellectuals

The song also provoked the vehement rejection of several figures who dared to ask for judicial punishment against J. Balvin , as was the case of Florence Thomas.

The Colombian-French writer told Semana magazine that she saw the video with “great difficulty” and criticized the meaning that the singer gave to the lyrics, because for her it is clear that he does not speak “of the female of the dog”, but of ” bitches, whores, bitches ” .

“It is not just a macho thing, it is much more than that; for me that guy deserves jail , for all the fibers of what we have fought for years, decades, women, and not just feminists, to have a minimum of dignity and respect, “he said. And he ended with a strong request : “Jail for J. Balvin!” .

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