Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo: the new pop star warns that social networks are toxic for teenagers

The singer, one of the most successful emerging artists in pop, has 18 million followers on Instagram.

Olivia Rodrigo knows that her success is largely the result of social networks, but warns that not everything that happens there is true.

Olivia Rodrigo is the most recent emerging pop artist and that is why she was interviewed at Rolling Stone , where she warned – a la Bernardo Samateas – about lawsuits and the toxic nature of social networks.

“I don’t think that we, as human beings, should know what thousands of people think about what we wear, what we said or how we speak … Taking distance is really important : realizing that this is not real life”, the singer warned.

And he completed: “That world that is created online is just one facet of this enormous human existence,” continued Olivia, muse of Generation Z , who has more than 18 million followers on Instagram.

If you don’t tell it, it didn’t happen

In the interview with RS , he continued to comment on the subject: “For a long time I had a hard time separating those two things. I could be kind and smart and have all these amazing things, but if I didn’t show them on Instagram and nobody saw them, I felt that didn’t really happen. ”

As studied, the use of social networks is related to an increase in the rates of anxiety and depression , with sleep difficulties and, among other things, with problems related to self-image.

In 2020, the American starred in a Disney Channel series, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series , when she began posting videos of her own compositions on the piano on her Instagram profile.

One of them attracted enough attention that the Interscope label , which launched Lana del Rey’s career ten years ago after a YouTube clip , decided to promote the cut commercially.

From Disney to the top

The 18-year-old singer soon became a phenomenon and released Sour , a debut album that comes preceded by the immense success of the song Driver’s License , which in nine months surpassed 297 million views on YouTube alone .

In another vein, Olivia went on to point out that she hopes Britney Spears’ battle to end her father’s controversial guardianship , after 13 years, will be an example to protect young women on a similar path of success.

“It is an example of this culture that so often brings women down in the spotlight of sport,” the 18-year-old continued. “As a society, we definitely have to reexamine the way we treat women in the entertainment industry, and not just ourselves. It’s not healthy for young women to look at all that stuff in the media. It’s a bad image.”

The 11 songs that make up Sour are a perfect amalgamation of genres and rhythms with a frankly common denominator: the simplicity of a lyric whose agenda is adolescent themes and heartbreak.

“I’m so sick of seventeen / Where is my damn teenage dream? / If someone tells me one more time ‘enjoy your youth’, I’m going to cry,” she kicks on the Brutal guitar maker .

The Los Angeles Times called Sour “the most conscious pop album of recent times” and an “impeccable” display of music for Gen Z , representing those born after 1996.


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