The news has surprised her followers, who did not expect the model’s motherhood

The British model Naomi Campbell has become a mother for the first time, a few days after turning 51, after giving birth to a girl, as reported on her Instagram account.

A little blessing has chosen me to be her mother.” The model wrote on the social network, along with a photograph in which Campbell holds her baby’s feet with her hand, who is wearing a white floral dress.

The arrival into the world of her daughter, whose name is unknown at the moment, is an early birthday gift for Campbell, who will turn 51 next Saturday.

Very honored to have this kind soul in my life, there are no words to describe the bond that from now on, and for a lifetime, I share with you, my angel. There is no greater love.” She added.

The reactions of colleagues from the world of fashion and friends of the British have not been long in coming. An example is the designer Marc Jacobs, who commented: “How lucky is she and how lucky are you! What a wonderful mother you will be!

The desire to be a mother had been around Campbell’s head for years and already in 2017 she indicated, in an interview with the British newspaper “Evening Standard”, that she thought about “having children all the time” and that, “thanks to science”, she could do it whenever she wanted.

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