Maluma closed with Madonna his great concert in Medellín

Maluma closed with Madonna his great concert in Medellín

He promised he would put Medallo on the map, and he delivered. Maluma gave Medellín a historic concert with a powerful reggaeton download that served as a common thread to rebuild his ten-year career and conclude his unforgettable show with the queen of queens: Madonna.

His encounter with the 54,000 spectators that filled the Atanasio Girardot stadium was shocking. He was barely able to sing the entrance to his hit “Hawaii” before falling to his knees moved to tears from fulfilling the “dream” of singing in his hometown turned world star.

Dressed in a pink suit, to match his dyed hair, and with an ostentatious pendant representing his dog, a Doberman named Buddha, Maluma stepped on the Atanasio again after eleven years in a show that did not lack detail, including a crane from which he came down from the upper part of the stadium.

The show was preceded by a video in which world-class artists Shakira, Jennifer López and J Balvin participated as a prelude to the appearance of “Papi Juancho”, a name that the Colombian artist has been using and which gives the title to his latest album, which took over the stage installed in the shape of a cross.

“Háwai”, with which the show started, was followed by “Madrid”, “Parce”, “Corazón”, “11 pm” and “HP”, among others, which were played through the microphone of the reggaeton player and from the stands. of the stadium, where his fans sang all his hits out loud.

Although the show was a party and Maluma made “Medallo” dance, there was also time for a more intimate part where the artist, with a white piano while petals fell from the sky, sang “ADMV”, a love song that he took advantage of to talk about his girlfriend and celebrate that after having looked for love “so far away”, he found it “very close”.

After this change of register, a new stage of the concert came in which, armed with a black vest and a much rougher wardrobe, Maluma saw how the stage was filled with motorcycles and flames came out of the stage in a climax.


“This feels like a dream, and if it’s a dream, don’t wake me up,” Maluma said, excited throughout the performance.

Maluma was also surrounded by the emerging stars of the reggaeton scene in Medellín, who accumulate success after success in a kind of generational change that picks up the witness of “Papi Juancho” himself and the “Niño de Medellín”, J Balvin.

Feid, Blessd and Wolfine, as well as Kapla and Philip, took the stage to sing with him the collaborations that have placed them at the top of the international hit lists, but there was also room for local artists, such as Abril Singer, a young man who won a contest to be able to sing with Maluma on stage.

But the apogee of the concert was Madonna’s appearance on stage, ten years after she offered her last show in Medellin, the last and only time she stepped foot on stage in Colombia during her “The MDNA Tour.”

“Medellín” was the song that the queen of pop and the Colombian artist sang while they took over the stage dancing and provoking in the most suggestive Madonna style.

The final act was, once again, “Háwai”, with which he closed the cycle hand in hand with the children of the El Arte de los Sueños foundation, which he himself created to promote music.

“I was born in Medellin and I die in Medellin”, Maluma concluded after a historic concert that has taken him back to the city where he was born and propelled him to world fame.

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