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“Luis Miguel cleaned up his mistakes”: Carlos Bremer denies that he is bankrupt

Carlos Bremer categorically denied that he is bankrupt and endorsed his unconditional support for the nationalized Mexican interpreter Luis Miguel.

“I will always be his friend, I will always take care of him, for me he is someone who has given Mexico so much, and I don’t care what problems he may have, you always have to be there to support him,” he said in an interview for the program Windowing.

In the same way, Bremer recalled the debts that haunted Luis Miguel previously and stressed that at this time he does not have any problem of this type. “He took the opportunity, cleaned up all his mistakes, and today he was very good with everyone.”

“He fulfilled his debts to everyone and gave us the emotion of having him again as the great that he is. And not just that, he resurrected his songs, now our young people enjoy them, it is something that the truth when we made the plan of We had not seen the rescue, we did not see that coming,” said Carlos Bremer.

Melissa Galbraith
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