Luis Fonsi does not stop reaping success wherever he goes and since he met the Spanish model Águeda Sánchez eleven years ago, his life changed to the point of feeling Spain as his second home. The singer has talked about how his love story arose, in one of his most complicated moments, and how he has been the father of two children -Mikaela and Rocco-, the other two most important little people in life of the. But not everything has been a bed of roses and the Puerto Rican has been honest about one of the most difficult stages of his professional career, in which he was about to leave music due to a severe depression that he suffered.

“I met my skinny beauty in Miami. She was working as a model and I was in the same place. I looked at her, she looked at me, we looked at each other… Nothing happened,” said Luis Fonsi in Let yourself be loved. The singer has explained that he was going through a convulsive moment due to a “very crazy” divorce, in which he “needed time”. However, Águeda Sánchez’s face was not forgotten and he was able to get her contact: “I knew the driver who was working with her and I asked him,” he continued. It was then that the conversations began through social networks and, as Fonsi pointed out, “luckily she followed me”.

Of course, the Puerto Rican interpreter of the success Despacito pointed out that it was not an easy start for either of them: “At first it was all a bit hidden because there were many people following us and trying to find that first photo.” However, after a decade, they have become inseparable: “Now she is my wife. We have been together for eleven years and we have two beautiful children.”

In addition to the difficult beginnings of his romance with Águeda Sánchez, he also had complicated stages during his professional career, in which he was about to abandon his passion. Luis Fonsi has explained that he studied music since he was very young, but when he left Puerto Rico for Orlando (United States) at the age of 11, he wanted to throw in the towel: “It was a tough year, I fell into depression and stopped singing, I didn’t feel comfortable,” he said, adding that the change of language marked him a lot. Some time later, already at the University, he also had a very bad time, especially because Fonsi had many insecurities: “In the third year it cost me a lot. I no longer identified with my classmates, it was all classical music, and that’s when I began to despair I decided to record my own songs and started opening doors,” he explained.

For this reason, the artist could not find his place: “I thought that getting rid of music was what I needed. But it was a moment of rage. Music found the moment to return to my life and I used it as a shield and a weapon to fight with me same”, the singer was sincere, taking the great applause of the public after his words.

For Luis Fonsi, the most important things in his life are his wife Águeda Sánchez and their two children, Mikaela and Rocco: “Without a doubt, the best gift life has given me is my two children. It changes you and makes you a person more sentimental. More focused. Suddenly everything makes more sense”, commented the artist about his facet as a father.

In addition, the Puerto Rican likes to spend time with his family and, among his hobbies, Luis Fonsi has recognized what makes him happiest: “I am addicted to the sea and the beach. I am tropical and Caribbean. I like being on the boat , fishing… and being with my children. Obviously our career takes us away from being at home,” he acknowledged.

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