Karol G gives a small sample of her diet, ideal complement to maintain her great body

Karol G continues to tour the United States, in which her physique has played a very important role, and now she gives a sample of what she ate before her show in Chicago.

Colombian singer Karol G boasts in her Instagram stories, prior to her concert in Chicago, two important things: the way she eats and the magical setting of Soldier Field Stadium, where she had a performance for more than 60,000 people.

Through two videos, the Colombian singer shows what she ate on that occasion. In a plastic container, the Colombian had a salad with lettuce and tomatoes. In addition, in another shot she showed off the immense view of the stadium before the show that captivated thousands of people.

Food is an important complement to what Karol G has achieved in recent months: to have the great body that she now shows off in each of her public appearances.

It was when she appeared hand in hand with Feid in one of her concerts in Miami, revealing their relationship, that we saw the body that the Colombian now enjoys having.

At that time there were many comments that pointed out that Karol G had undergone cosmetic surgeries to change the way her body looks. In response to this, her personal trainer Yarishna Ayala came out in defense of ‘la bichota’, making it clear that her physical transformation was a product of her effort.

“Many wonder about Karol and her body. Exactly a month ago she started preparing for the tour; she is a person who respects her public and her work a lot and on this occasion due to the fact that it is stadiums she feels she has to be her best version and wants to go the extra mile. She has been disciplined as never before, very much with her diet, which is a fundamental part of the result. To her training and nutrition she added yoga, which she does every day without fail, in addition to the long choreography rehearsals”, said the trainer at the time.

Likewise, during the Colombian singer’s concert tour in the United States, Yarishna once again expressed her respect for Karol G and the transformation she has undergone.

“Show of millions. I can only admire the incredible physical transformation of @karolg my respects for your discipline and constancy the results speak for themselves!!!! Proud of you!!!”, said the trainer.

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