Karol G reveals what she eats to enjoy an abdomen of steel

Singer Karol G revealed how she eats before a show, one of her decrees to enjoy the defined and athletic body she has been enjoying for a few months now.

This year Karol G has made an incredible physical change as she has focused on healthy eating and training to work on a better version of herself. The voluptuous curves that the singer used to enjoy have turned into defined muscles.

On previous occasions she has even shared exercise routines that she has been doing to enjoy the results that she has been noticing for some months now.

About her diet ‘La Bichota’ had not shared anything, but this time she shared a little of what she has been eating to improve her health and enjoy an abdomen of steel.

What does she feed herself with?

Through her ‘stories’, Carolina Giraldo -as is her first name- posted a video in which she was observed eating lunch while watching the Soldier Field in Chicago empty, missing hours to make ‘sold out’ the night of September 15 in that stadium that has a capacity of 60,000 people.

In the clip, the ‘Mañana Será Bonito’ singer was enjoying a salad while sitting on the bleachers on a sunny day.

“I’m having lunch today with a view, with a landscape… breathtaking,” laughed the singer who was dressed in ripped jeans, a blue scarf with insect print as crop top and had a daisy in one of her ears decorating her pastel pink mane.

Did Karol G have a body surgery?

A few months ago, when she was seen for the first time holding hands with singer Feid, she wore a top that stunned many because it showed her marked abdomen and some detractors began to speculate on social networks about an alleged cosmetic surgery.

At the time her personal trainer, Yarishna Ayala, defended her and dedicated some words to ‘La Bichota’ in which she evidenced that her new abdomen was the result of a lot of effort and focus on being a better version of herself.

“She has been disciplined as never before, very much so with her diet, which is a fundamental part of the result. To her workouts and nutrition she added yoga, which she does every day without fail, in addition to the long choreography rehearsals,” reads part of the text written by the bodybuilder.

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