• La Bichota, Karol G, turned her flannel in the middle and uncovered half of her boobies to give her fans an eyeball on Instagram. She made a few people’s pulse race!

Colombian Karol G continues with Strip Love Tour. In a moment of rest, she went for a walk with part of her work team and once again left her fans and Instagram followers drooling. La Bichota turned her flannel in the middle of her breasts and showed almost half of her boobies. She then took off her cargo jeans and was left with some sensual and hot cheeks. Without a doubt, the Colombian and Anuel AA’s ex knows how to speed up everyone’s pulse.

Posing with the sea in the background, Karol G exposed her “Hope” tattoo, famous among many, and exposed half of her boobies. It is no secret that she is a fan of tops and Karol G arrived in dental floss and transparencies conquering Madison Square Garden and she does the design herself. This was the case while she was in the middle of her Strip Love Tour. In addition, we rarely see her in buttocks and this time she showed off her great body in front of the mirror and before going on stage.

This new Karol G tour is the second that she does in the same year. This makes her one of the singers of the urban genre that generates the most money. She along with her friend J Balvin and Bad Bunny. Same with which she was seen recently at the opening of the singer’s restaurant in Miami. By the way, these images made many wonder if there is something more to reggaetoneros than a simple friendship and rumors of romance were unleashed. The answer is no.

Karol G has continued to send messages on social networks that have made her fans presume that they could be indirect to her ex Anuel AA. Even more so when he himself has not confirmed or denied that she is separating from La Chivirica, Yailin La Más Viral. Although she published a bouquet of roses that she supposedly received from the trap singer, the truth is that today it is one of the great mysteries of the show. But she did threaten to take legal action against anyone who defames her.

If those messages from Karol G could be with Feid. Another with whom she has been related more than once, because it is not known either. The Colombian singer is also still on tour, which suggests that these meetings, if there is a relationship, would be very complicated. They are busy with work.

Karol G is about to release her album “KG4“. She has already released a theme of the same called “Gatúbela” where La Bichota licks her hand and raises the temperature of social networks. In several of her concerts, she assures that, in addition to this song, there are some unstoppable ones and we already know that we are a few days away from meeting them.

For now, we leave you precisely that last video clip, where Karol G made a collaboration with the reggaeton player Maldy Society and the result was explosive.

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