Not always to be the most beautiful you have to be the most slim and that is very clear Bichota Colombian, who, without complexes, not an ounce of sorrow, once again captivated and fell in love with her followers by sharing some Photos in which she presumes that she is a woman of curves well placed.

Karol G does not stop being on everyone’s lips, either due to her great fame, her success at her concerts, her nice gestures with her fans or as in this case, for being a woman, lush and with a silhouette that many super models would like to have, well, she herself says that she is not thin, but she is bella.

Karol G surprised all her followers on social networks with this session of Photos that was taken on a beach, showing herself as she is, without touch-ups, without big outfits or with very produced hair and makeup, but simply wearing two tiny clothes, ready to take a dip.


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And who said I was skinny? THICK MAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII… Curves are always in fashion. Kisses !!!!! ”, The Colombian wrote in her publication.

With that powerful question, the Colombian left all her followers delighted for her safety and because the vast majority of women and men could identify with the singer, since, now, she is raising her voice for those people who, not because they are the thinner, they cease to be beautiful human beings.

Although, in the case of Bichota, that lack of thinness is what has her followers crazy, because her anatomy is clearly that of a Latin woman, with curves and great charms, of which she feels proud and shows with pride. great security.

Dressed in a small white two-piece suit with strawberry prints, the Colombian was happy, with her red hair tied back and with fun makeup, in which a cute pink heart stands out that she put near her eye, that made her look tender and overwhelming at the same time.

Obviously, her fans are more than happy with this gift of photographs that Bichota gave them, so that, one day after publishing them, she already has more than 6 million 16 thousand 215 “likes”, as well as hundreds of comments.

You are perfect just the way you are sister. To foolish words, deaf ears as my mother says… I hope we see each other soon, Sophi sends you lots of kisses”; “But, she was very skinny when she started… right? Her beauty has nothing to do with her weight… she doesn’t give it to any of us!!! Only beautiful, only for being the creation of our Lord”, are some opinions that Bichota has received.

A) Yes, Karol G was exposed with these photos for all those who criticize her for not having the thinnest body or for meeting those demanding standards of what they have imposed as “the correct silhouette”, therefore, the Bichota It shows that she loves and loves herself just as she is.

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