Shakira: revealed a fragment of how her new song “Monotonia” sounds

Shakira: revealed a fragment of how her new song “Monotonia” sounds

The way in which Shakira was announcing her next single, creating a trend on the sublime messages she shared on social networks, leaving an unknown if they will be indirect for her ex-partner or it would be something else, but then it would be revealed that is a song in collaboration with Ozuna.

Apparently, the theme of this new musical theme is a sour love, because the scenes that have been seen in the video is a crushed heart, so it gives the message that it no longer feels the same for the same people, it is believed that it is another song with a dedication from Gerard Piqué, as well as “Congratulations”.

The singer-songwriter Shakira today shared another little sneak peek of what it sounds like”Monotony”, which is the name given to this new musical project together with the Puerto Rican reggaeton player, where you can see the interpreter of “that you stay with me”With a peculiar wardrobe.

In the town of a supermarket, wearing baggy cloth pants, along with a tank top and a long trench coat with a striking pattern, Shakira She looks upset, fed up, angry, with a little basket, she looks like she’s running errands, but she doesn’t look happy.

Doing the super, her hairstyle looked exhausted, glasses to hide her tiredness, taking the things she needs throwing them into the basket that accompanies her, trying to make reference to the fact that routine is what ends love in relationships, That is why it is called “Monotony”.

With what sounds in the background it seems that it will be a song full of a lot of rhythm, social network users are sure that it will have a great impact as “Congratulations”The last single released by the Shakira but in company with Raw Alejandro.

Shakira is about to release new musical material, because after five years she has not focused on music, however, after her relationship with the soccer player came to an end, she decided to take refuge in music, so she will focus again in her artistic career.

The queen of the movement of hips will be premiering “Monotonia” next Wednesday, October 19, so it is less and less for platform users to enjoy it.

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