It was last September when the news was released that Jennifer Lawrence was expecting her first child, the result of her marriage to gallery owner Cooke Maroney. As confirmed by a source close to the magazine People, the artist “loves her job and will continue with it, but she will have to balance her career and her life as a woman and a mother”.

In the past the actress Jennifer Lawrence has spoken of how happy she is in her relationship and described her husband as “the greatest human being I have ever met”. After their wedding, Jennifer gave an interview to the podcast Naked With Catt Sadlet, where she was asked how she knew she wanted to marry Maroney.

“It was just ‘He’s the one.’ I know it sounds really stupid, but he’s the greatest person I’ve ever met, so I’m very honored to become a Maroney.”

The Oscar winner decided to take a break in recent months to prepare for the arrival of her baby, which she has only interrupted to attend the presentation of her new film.

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