Shakira and the most unexpected attack from her compatriot James Rodriguez: “That’s fixed inside!”

The former Real Madrid player talks about the singer and her successes after breaking up with Pique

Shakira is an idolized artist around the world, especially in Colombia, as the singer has always carried the flag of her country to every corner of the planet. Although not all her compatriots have approved of her latest performances.

One of them is another very important figure in the country. We are talking about James Rodriguez, one of the best Colombian players in recent years, who has left his mark in teams as important in the world as Real Madrid or Bayern, in addition to being the captain and star of the Colombian National Team. The Colombian footballer has granted an interview to ‘Semana’, in which he talks about his entire career, but also refers to Shakira.

This interview has generated many reactions in Colombia, because James talks about Gerard Piqué, of whom he points out that “I have shared several times, so I can not speak ill of him. For me he is a good person”. At the insistence of the journalist that he spoke badly of the former Barcelona player, James did not change his script: “There are many people who do, because of what happened. But for me he is a good person”.

When asked about Shakira, the former Real Madrid player wanted to make it clear that the singer “has left Colombia high”. However, James has a different opinion when questioned about Shakira’s songs that have gone around the world, such as Te felicito, Monotonía, Session #53 with Bizarrap and TQG with Karol G.

James was very clear and assured that he did not like them: “No, they did not cheat on me, women do, but not me”. But, the Colombian soccer player did not stop there and launched a harsh criticism to the Colombian for the lyrics of the songs: “I think that is fixed internally, and more when you have children. But, well, in the end everyone does what they want”.

The Colombian soccer player gave his opinion on what Shakira should have done after her breakup with Piqué: “I do not agree when things are published or when things are said about a relationship outside. They have to be fixed inside, I am in favor of that”.

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