Many are the headlines that Shakira and Gerard Piqué have dominated since they announced their separation three months ago in a statement. New relationships, legal problems and other rumors have been some of the issues that have flown over the couple, who had not been well for a long time.

The footballer’s sprees and alleged infidelities, which some point out that he was with Clara Chía -his current girlfriend of his- long before they separated, could have sentenced the relationship to death.

Gone is that couple who, after meeting in 2010 at the World Cup in South Africa, wasted love both in their public appearances and in their family getaways. The tension was palpable, and not only now when it seems that they only relate through lawyers, but from before.

This is demonstrated by some images that have come to light in which Shakira and Piqué are seen arguing heatedly on the deck of a ship. “Screaming!” says Nuestro Diario, a Guatemalan media outlet that has shared the photos.

The exact date of the snapshots is unknown, but everything could point to his last family summer vacation. That is, in the summer of 2021. In them you can see the Colombian singer, very excited, rebuking the athlete and pointing his finger at him, while he has a look of surprise and then gets up and leaves.

Data about the content of that fight is not known either, but only these tests confirm what some sources pointed out: that the relationship had been bad for a long time.

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