Khaby Lame has become in recent months the tiktoker with the most followers in the world. With an impressive number of almost 150 million people watching his videos, the young Italian is making gold.

In his latest interview with Fortune, he revealed the impressive amount of money he earns just by posting a promotional video for a brand.


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According to his representative, Alessandro Riggio, “brands pay Lame about 400,000 dollars for TikTok”, he has commented, calculating that this 2022 he could earn 10 million dollars in profit, including the part that the manager takes.

His silent humor videos have succeeded in breaking down language barriers and reaching every corner of the Chinese social network, which has a billion monthly users. Even so, in this meeting with the press, he has confessed that his obsession is learning English.

“My dream is that one day he wins an Oscar,” he has revealed. And for that, he spends three hours a day watching American cartoons and one hour with a private tutor. His next goal is not another endorsement deal, but a role in a Hollywood movie.

And it seems that the industry is also interested in it. In the article they claim that a studio paid him $750,000 to make a TikTok promoting one of his films.

Also, the brand Hugo Boss, for whom he is now an ambassador, gave him $450,000 for his show at Milan Fashion Week and his subsequent TikTok post.

Amounts that seem not to impress him. “He was poor, and he doesn’t know how much he has in the bank. He doesn’t care…”, his representative has declared. To which Lame has interrupted him: “I like to make people laugh. I love my family. I love my company.”

He has used his money to create an agency for other content creators, as well as investing in food and technology companies, to continue building his fortune while he continues to work on fulfilling his dreams.

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