Hollywood and show business stars in the United States expressed their relief and bitter satisfaction at the conviction of Derek Chauvin, the former policeman accused of killing the African American by suffocation George Floyd on May 25, 2020 and that he was found guilty of the three charges he faced.

The jurors unanimously decided that Chauvin is guilty of involuntary murder in the second degree, punishable by up to 40 years in prison; murder in the third degree, with a maximum sentence of 25 years, and manslaughter in the second degree, which carries up to ten years of deprivation of liberty.

“Guilty! How it should be! Now Rest in peace George Floyd. Rest well. You and your family have been vindicated,” Viola Davis pointed out.

Other Hollywood figures like Kerry Washington insisted that “The fight for justice is not over” with this guilty verdict.

For her part, Rosie Pérez admitted to being “Screaming and crying” seeing that justice had been served, Patricia Arquette thanked the jurors and witnesses at the trial, and Lupita Nyong’o simply wrote the word “relief” on her Twitter profile.

“Justice. I send my love to the family and friends of George Floyd”, Chris Evans pointed out. Daniel Dae Kim assured that everyone “will remember” this day.

“Rest in peace, George Floyd. You have changed the world,” said Alyssa Milano.

The world of music, which like the cinema and the rest of the entertainment industry in the United States turned last year in the massive anti-racist protests of Black Lives Matter to demand justice, also applauded Chauvin’s conviction.

“A beginning, a small grain of hope for our future”, Mariah Carey stated.

Rapper Cardi B called Chauvin’s conviction historic while The Roots frontman Questlove argued that “There is a lot of mountain to climb” to defeat racism.

“Rest in justice, George Floyd”, said Katy Perry.

“This verdict is just the first step in a long list of injustices against the black community, often without consequences. The work is not even close to being done.” Summarized Justin Timberlake.

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