The model Hailey Bieber announced that her romance with husband -Justin Bieber- began when she was not in a relationship with someone, thus silencing rumors that Justin Bieber was dating both Selena Gomez and with Hailey.

The model Hailey Bieber spoke directly for the first time about certain details of the relationship that she maintains with her husband -singer Justin Bieber-, and clarified that when she began her relationship she was not dating someone else.

Interviewed on Alex Cooper’s “Call her daddy” podcast, Hailey wanted to clarify the rumors that she had “stolen” someone else’s boyfriend, and although she did not mention the name, it was implied that it was the singer Selena Gomez, with whom Bieber dated on and off for eight years: “When we started, she wasn’t in a relationship. Never. It’s not in my character to mess with another person’s relationship. I never was and am not interested in doing it. Spot. I was never with him when she was in a relationship with someone else.”

The 25-year-old model also commented that an important part of her marriage to Justin was that she had already ended that relationship: “I know for sure that the reason we were able to get back together is that (that relationship) was completely closed, and that’s respectful to me.” On the people who spread the rumors, she also commented, “You’re not obligated to like me, but I think no matter what happens, there can always be mutual respect between people, and to me that means you don’t have to say anything. You don’t have to like me, but you don’t have to say anything either.”

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