• Gomita published a series of fiery photographs in which she paraded in all kinds of swimsuits, from the most conservative one-piece to those that left more than one breathless

The driver Aracely Ordaz, who is better known as Gomita, traveled to Jamaica to continue with the celebrations for her 28th birthday, so she has not missed an opportunity to pose with revealing swimsuits that reveal the curvaceous silhouette she obtained. thanks to cosmetic surgeries.

Although Gomita has not had a good time over the last year due to her family problems, especially for having been the victim of physical violence first by her father and months later by her boyfriend, she has also become one of the darlings of networks social, where she continually gives something to talk about by posing with tight clothes and swimsuits that leave very little to the imagination, so her trip to Jamaica was no exception.

It was through her official Instagram profile where the sexy little clown from Mexico published a series of fiery photographs in which she paraded in swimsuits of all kinds, from the most conservative one-piece to those that left breathless. more than one.

In one of her most recent posts, the charismatic influencer appeared promoting a machine to tone the body, which she claims has managed to change the appearance of her skin. However, what most caught the attention of her followers was the tremendous body that she wore with the help of a tiny green bikini.

Among the shower of compliments, the messages that she received the most were those in which they confirmed how thin she looks after the gastric bypass surgery that she underwent just a year ago and that has left her with results never seen before.

Likewise, she reappeared in the same social profile with a white two-piece swimsuit, with which she boasted how well she is having a good time while she celebrates another year of life.

The parade of heated swimsuits continued and Gomita also posed with a beach outfit printed with the colors of the Caribbean country: yellow, green and black.

But she also remembered the country where she was born, so she celebrated Mexico’s Independence Day from a distance by wearing a black one-piece swimsuit with a crossed top, a detail that highlighted her heart-stopping curves.

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