• A basic procedure for the maintenance of your vehicle, however, there are things that you cannot do for any reason when you change the oil

Performing the oil change in our vehicle is a routine activity, not frequent but essential for its proper functioning. As simple as it may seem, there are certain things that cannot be done.

Using the right elements and tools make changing the oil a simple practice, otherwise it can become a problem for the car and the driver.

What you must not do

Not being ready for action is one of the steps to avoid, that is, prepare all your necessary tools and materials so that you do not have to go out and slide under the car every so often.

A jack to lift the car, stand or ramp will be necessary. Make sure to execute this step with caution to avoid misfortune. Also, take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding oil capacity, quantity, type and frequency of changes.

Now, when you get ready to pour new oil, take a tray to pour this oil with the old one to recycle it. Another mistake to avoid is not properly lubricating the oil filter gasket.

Use a rag to clean the area of ​​the engine where the new oil filter gasket will sit. Also, make sure the old rubber gasket has come off with the old filter.

Also don’t forget to tighten the oil drain plug. Remember to do it according to the specifications of your car.

Other mistakes that we must prevent are leaving the oil filler cap open and not putting the correct amount of oil. The latter is of the utmost importance since more than one engine failure is due to incorrect use of oil.

Finally, remember to follow these tips so that your vehicle’s oil change continues to be a basic maintenance activity, worry-free and effective in preserving and lubricating engine components.

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