Georgina melts with Cristiano Ronaldo on his 37th birthday:

Georgina melts with Cristiano Ronaldo on her 37th birthday: “We love you”

Yesterday, February 5, Cristiano Ronaldo reached the age of 37 and did so in one of the best moments of his life. The footballer is in a good professional and personal stage, since it is known that Georgina Rodríguez, his partner, is pregnant with twins.

When they are born, the three children they have in common will already be, plus another two from the Portuguese that the celebrity treats as her own.

From their signs of affection it is understood that they are very much in love, as reflected the public congratulations that the former shop assistant has dedicated through her Instagram account to one of the most important athletes in the world.

Happy 37 years to the love of my life. We love you infinity. Best father and best life partner that God has been able to assign us. Fighter and deserving of all the good things that happen to you. You are perfection and inspiration”, Georgina has written on her Instagram account, before her more than 33 million followers.

Along with the message, the influencer has shared a video montage in which family images of Cristiano Ronaldo, her and her children, climbed aboard a car or celebrating the striker’s 37th birthday together are intermingled.

Georgina Rodríguez cannot be more current as a result of the premiere of her documentary series on Netflix, ‘Soy Georgina’, a resounding success that hardly anyone has missed.

Throughout six chapters, the viewer can get to know Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife more closely, who recognizes how much her life has changed since she joined her paths with those of the footballer.

Such has been the impact of the production that the pay-per-view platform has confirmed a second season of ‘I am Georgina’, which will surely be deepened in the couple’s move to Manchester and in the birth of the twins that she and Cristiano Ronaldo expect, in true Kardashian style.

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