Fabiola Martínez

Fabiola Martínez or freedom with tattoos

There are as many reasons for divorce as there are black holes in the universe, but Fabiola Martinez, before madam of Osborne, has given one that seems very common: «I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw myself sad». They say that this happens when the initial passion is already pure nostalgia and also lacks a magical mirror like that of Snow White’s stepmother, the one that told her that she was the most beautiful in the kingdom until the other one appeared and snatched the title from her, dammit.

If you look in the magic mirror (they are sold, word), you ask the question of rigor and it answers that the most beautiful in the Kingdom is Cristina Pedroche placeholder image, which also does in bed to his Dabiz a few spoons that gives glory to see them, you have it screwed up. If the mirror tells you that you are still very good and you only need a massif that will give you cane, the thing is fixed: the chocolate market flourishes on the beaches like the witty phrases in the head of Rufián.

More: Fabiola tells that she has released her freedom by tattooing, it seems that without advice from Pilar Rubio O Sergio Ramos. And the thing is that she had a frustration: when she was a model, to work her lingerie and bikinis, she was forbidden to use tattoos.

Later, Bertín told him not to think of it. He has avenged himself with three: “An open heart, because I am open to love, and two stars in honor of my two children,” he confessed. Nothing of a heart broke style Alejandro Sanz not even the heart with faralaes by Sara Carbonero. An open heart turns me on a lot. My decrepitude saves you, Fabiola.

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