Julián Contreras

Julián Contreras: “They have turned me into a television buffoon”

No, Julian Contreras He has hardly ever had much luck in the workplace, especially if we focus on television. But that does not mean that he stops trying, and that is because he feels prepared and he is not lacking, but for some things or others the circumstances do not seem to be in his favor. His latest project, a current affairs program on Spanish Television along with other colleagues such as Gonzalo Miró, Irene Villa or Mari Pau Domínguez, has only lasted three days.; and it is that the controversy that arose around him has provoked numerous criticisms of the channel and consequently its departure from the morning space. His presence was labeled “Julián Contreras, PR of the Copacabana bingo hall,” and was viewed by many as undercover advertising. He does not understand anything, “it is that at no time did I ask to be labeled like that, indeed, if I had asked at some point they would have told me no.”

It is unknown if there have been other layoffs for this reason, but yours is already a fact, «I think it’s a bitch, really, because it is something that I really wanted, I was delighted, and if it is something that I screw up, then I assume the consequences, but for something that is beyond the will of everyone and that nobody knows very well how it happened».

It is not the first time that Carmina Ordoñez’s son goes through this trance. He has tried many times on television. He began with the idea of ​​preparing to be an actor, had a small role in series such as “Planta 25”, but without much success. As a collaborator he has done a little better, he has gone through “Public Mirror”, “Good Law” and even “Men and Women and Vice Versa” which was, perhaps, where he was most successful. But on that occasion it was he who did not feel comfortable and chose to leave.

Years later the same thing would happen to him in «Big Brother Vip». Since then, we had only seen him in a short section in “Corazón” with Anne Igartiburu, which he did with Rosanna Zanetti and her sister-in-law Lourdes Montes and which did not last two months.

“There is no chance”

It is not a great trajectory, and he does not understand why he is not given the opportunity to achieve it, «I have always tried, but people do not see me doing anything other than what I do not want to do, people think that I am not qualified to participate in a program of debate or politics or anything. What’s more, he has reached a point where he feels so belittled that he considers himself a buffoon, “There is no chance, I am a TV buffoon, which is what TV has made of all of us who were born on TV. A buffoon, used and frivolous, who laughs at the poor spectator who gets up early to go to work », affirms resigned. He is also well aware that thanks to his private life, he could have had a much longer career on the small screen, “but I never wanted that.” Meanwhile, he is looking for a publisher to publish his first erotic novel.

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