Cayetano Rivera and Eva González are celebrating. Bullfighter turns 45 today and his wife wanted to publicly congratulate him with a beautiful family photograph that he has shared before his almost one and a half million followers. In the image, which seems to have been taken several years ago, the couple appears dancing outdoors while both show a smile from ear to ear. “For a lifetime dancing together… Happy 45th birthday”, the Sevillian has written next to the snapshot, which has been made with more than 8,000 ‘likes’ just 20 minutes after being published on the social network.

In addition, some well-known faces, such as Jon Kortajarena, Mala Rodríguez or Luis Rollán have commented on the tender picture as a way of admiration for the beautiful couple they make. Last November, when it was Eva González who had her birthday, Cayetano Rivera did the same and published a photograph of his wife with their son and another baby to congratulate her, although he did it a day late: “Many congratulations love”.

At that time they also celebrated their wedding anniversary. The couple celebrated 6 years of marriage in one of his best moments, though It is no secret that they have been through very difficult situations They have put their relationship to the test.

Before passing through the altar, Cayetano Rivera and Eva gonzalez They broke off their relationship and lived separately for a while. However, months later they decided give themselves a second chance and resumed their romance. It was then that they said ‘yes, I do’, but the worst for them was yet to come.

At the end of 2019, some photographs were published in which Cayetano Rivera appeared walking with a “special friend” through the streets of London. The shadow of infidelity hung over the bullfighter and some voices close to him and Eva González assured that their marriage was hanging by a thread.

Later, that woman who responded to the name of Karelys showed her face and assured that Cayetano Rivera had been in a relationship with her behind the back of Eva González. Despite this media storm that was about to cost them their family, the right-hander and the presenter managed to overcome this crisis and revive your marriage. Today, it seems that nothing is left of those dark times and they celebrate the good times as the couple in love that they continue to be.

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