The pasture that a “in love” Marta Riesco has spent to be with Antonio David

The pasture that a “in love” Marta Riesco has spent to be with Antonio David

Marta I can has become one of the most pronounced names in recent days within the `heart press. Since this Wednesday the magazine ‘Lecturas’ published some photographs of the reporter together with Antonio David At her home, where both already live together, there are many questions to be resolved in this media story.

Riesco became independent last summer, and there are many who point out that the reason is none other than to be able to enjoy his privacy with the former civil guard. Tired of sporadic encounters in hotels, Marta is very serious about this relationship, to the point that this very Wednesday the journalist confessed on ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’ that she is “in love with Antonio David”.

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The apartment he has rented in Madrid, an attic, is not excessively large, but it is bright and welcoming. For this house I would be paying between “1,500 and 1,800 euros”, an amount in which penthouses in the area with these characteristics oscillate, and a high amount considering the salary that the reporter and collaborator receive each month.

to your payroll we must add her work as a collaborator, both from ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’ and ‘Ya son las Ocho’, both from the same production company. Also, Martha receives income thanks to his Instagram account, in which he has almost 100,000 followers, that have been increased thanks to his history with Antonio David.

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Now, both can enjoy, perhaps with greater freedom, in their little love nest, where both have shared love and confidences for several months -or years-. In addition to Antonio David, there is another tenant in Marta’s home: Tomás, the influencer’s beloved dog. Marta goes out of her way for her dog, who has lived with her for a year. Until now, he was the journalist’s great love and the recipient of her caresses and pampering.

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