At this point, it is no secret what Grupo Firme charges for presentations and Eduin Caz’s life of luxury is proof of this. In addition to his taste for music, the singer has a garage with several luxury cars.

Eduin Caz

Among the luxurious cars that Eduin Caz owns, is a luxury Ferrari model F8, worth 250 thousand dollars. In the collection there is another car that does not go unnoticed, a BMW M4 which he bought and personalized to his liking with the name of his daughter Geraldine.

The model has a value of almost 100 thousand dollars and has a powerful motor that travels from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds. It’s no secret that Eduin Caz likes to spend big, and aside from his extravagant outfits, accessories are no small feat. The young singer likes to wear luxury brands like Gucci and wear chains, rings and gold watches.

The young singer wore a luxury necklace with the Grupo Firme logo, and a new member of his family was also known. It is a pet, a pomsky breed dog which has a monetary value of around one thousand dollars. As if this were not enough, Eduin Caz shows at every opportunity the expensive gifts that he gives to his wife.

It seems that Eduin Caz’s various businesses have prospered and the family enjoys the fruits by constantly traveling around the world. Tours on yachts and private planes are part of the vehicles that transport the family. On one occasion, the singer shared that he spent $57,000 to take his family to the United States after they missed a flight.

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