A few days ago, Poncho Denigris shared with his followers that there is only one month left for his baby to be born. The actor has captivated with publications of the most endearing and happy moments that he lives with his family. He is not the only member of the family that amuses Internet users, Marcela Mistral too.

Marcela Mistral and Poncho Denigris

The television host decided to play a heavy joke on her partner regarding her pregnancy. In the video, Marcela urgently calls Poncho Denigris and tells him that something bad is happening to the baby they are expecting. In a hunched position and with her hands on her stomach, she pretends that she is in a lot of pain.

“Come!” Marcela Mistral yells at her husband, who immediately responds to the call. As soon as he enters the bathroom she asks him what is going on and she tells him that she doesn’t know. With a worried face, Poncho Denigris decides to ask him to go to the hospital urgently. At that moment, his wife can’t help it and she begins to laugh at what she gives herself away and confesses that it is a joke.

“Ching@d# mother!” shouts the influencer while his wife Marcela can not stop laughing. Before he decides to leave the scene, she runs to hug him to reassure him, and although Denigris lets out a light laugh, she can’t help showing her anger. “Pinch $ mother. No moms. That is not done », he tells her a little annoyed.

The reactions were immediate and the video has reached more than 3 million views. «The vdd… here you can see a real life poncho, the one who cares, the one who reacts quickly. He didn’t hesitate a second to say let’s go! «, «very very good joke you finally made him sweat»

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