Anuel AA was involved in a media scandal related to his personal life, generating speculation and headlines in the media.

The conflict between Anuel AA, Yailin La Más Viral and Tekashi 6ix9ine continues without finding an end or a satisfactory resolution. Despite the hints exchanged by the celebrities on social networks, the American rapper challenged the interpreter of “Sola” to a physical confrontation with the aim of resolving their personal issues once and for all. Did he receive any response from Karol G’s ex-boyfriend?

During the last few weeks, the music scene and the celebrity media scene began to live moments of extreme tension after the friction between 3 of the most famous Latin artists of recent years: we are talking about Anuel AA, Yailin La Más Viral and Tekashi 6ix9ine.

It all started after the accusations that the Dominican presented against her ex-husband through Instagram. From beatings to mistreatment were the facts that the author of “Chivirika” made known to her hundreds of thousands of followers. Anuel AA’s response was not long in coming, as he branded the mother of his daughter Cattleya as a liar and manipulated information at his convenience.

Of course, no one expected that Tekashi 6ix9ine would join the scandal between the ex-couple, who came out in defense of the 21-year-old Dominican due to the alleged acts performed by the author of “Sola” while the Dominican was pregnant. This is how the hecatomb came to be unleashed, becoming the global scandal that everyone is talking about today.


While it all started with screenshots and hints, the American rapper took the discussion to another level and publicly challenged the self-styled God of Trap to a physical encounter to put an end to all this scandal.

This is how Tekashi got up the courage and reiterated the desire he has to fight with Anuel AA, so he made a peculiar invitation through his personal Instagram feed. “I swear to my mother, we called your dad, we called you, we called everyone and I told you: look, I want to fight you, let’s fajarnos, let’s lock ourselves in a room and fajarnos. Look, forget what happened, you and I are going to fight. You tell me where we meet, you and I are going to make out and we’ll finish this,” he said.

As expected, Tekashi’s challenge caught the attention of both friends and strangers on social networks. On the one hand, there were netizens who wanted to see the controversial encounter between the musicians, while others severely criticized the decision to deal with their problems with blows.


6ix9ine's Challenge

While it is true that we do not know if the trap exponent received the challenge from the American musician, the truth is that Anuel AA uploaded a peculiar story to his personal Instagram, where he curiously makes reference to the contact fight of two UFC professionals.

For many, the image refers to the acceptance of the interpreter of “Sola” to the challenge of Yailin’s defender. Others, meanwhile, point out that he simply ignored it and decided to overlook the New York native’s challenge.

For the moment, it is clear that neither Yailin Anuel nor Tekashi want to keep the party in peace. Will Anuel AA respond directly to his former musical partner?

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