Enjoying her return to the halls that saw her born as a star, the singer and actress Danna Paola confessed in an interview for the Hoy program how she has managed to stay on the floor in the face of so many professional successes.

“I am in a moment in life where I am more grounded than ever, I have my feet on the ground and my gaze at the sky and the stars and in my dreams, but one rather becomes a little more reserved with his things, already Sometimes you just trust more and sometimes I think that respect is the main thing, and you become politically incorrect, and many people take it as rude or ‘your fame has risen,'” she said.

Later, Danna revealed that she prefers to be very tight with her life to counteract the anxiety she suffers.

“You have to know how to mark that line of respect that in the end as artists it is increasingly difficult to bear or to arrive and say is very overwhelming, I suffer from a lot of anxiety and it is something that I think is very important to talk about, because there is not only people out there who suffer from anxiety, depression and it is something that many of us also carry, so you have to respect just and not know what is behind the artist, the important thing is that I know where I come from, where I want to go, what I want to do”.

Regarding the way in which she fights her illness, the interpreter of “Oye Pablo” commented:

“My music literally, my best therapy is music, my family, dancing. From my forties on, what I learned the most was the balance between work and my personal life, having the time to heal you first. You are first, then you and last you, sometimes we forget that”.

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