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Carmen Barbieri’s Health worries: She was admitted to Intensive Care

The actress and vedette Carmen Barbieri was transferred to an intensive care room due to complications in her health after being hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia due to her contagion of coronavirus.

Carmen Barbieri was transferred to an intensive care room due to complications in her health after being hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia as a result of her contagion of coronavirus.
Federico Bal, son of the actress and vedette, confirmed the news through social networks. “I remember when I was ill, you on the other side asked a lot for my recovery. Now I ask all believers and non-believers to ask and send beautiful energies for my old woman ”, he wrote. And he added: “They had to go to intensive care, the picture was complicated, do not stop taking care of yourself.”
“They take me to intensive care, it is because of the low oxygen,” the artist herself reported shortly after, who said she was “scared” by the situation. “I am decompensated and the pneumonia has spread in both lungs. For now they are only going to put me on an oxygen mask,” she clarified.

The hospitalization of Carmen Barbieri

Since she entered the Zabala Clinic, Carmen tried to bring peace of mind to her fans. Therefore, he decided to record a video from his room .

“See, that’s (the avenue) Cabildo. There is a school next door, so there is a huge tree ”, the capocómica is heard saying in a conversation she has with another person. The filming of that dialogue was aired in El run run del show ( Chronicle ).

In another part of the video, while showing a huge window overlooking Cabildo Avenue and the Misericordia College in Belgrano, he added with a bit of humor: ” At least I see the sunrise and sunset .”

The release of Fede Bal

As soon as it emerged that Carmen was infected, many people came out to criticize Fede Bal, since they pointed out that he could have been responsible for the contagion.

“And now they’re going to start telling me ‘you who made parties, you don’t take care of yourself.’ My mother ended up getting infected, who does not stop taking care of herself, working and doing everything right . I am worried about her, although she is evolving favorably. Take care, it is really very sad not to be by her side,” wrote the actor regretting not being able to accompany her at this bad time.

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