Cardi B and Offset

Cardi B Receives Expensive Handbag From Offset

Cardi B: Offset gave her a Chanel cage

“Wow! Thanks Offset, you always give me something different. I love you and I value you, ”the rapper posted after receiving the eccentric gift from her husband, who also gave her a family vacation and a Patek Philippe watch.

Offset gave Cardi B a golden Chanel cage, which apparently serves as a purse, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. This came a few days after the rapper caused controversy on her Twitter account for saying that men should spend much more money than women on February 14.

Apparently, Offset understood Cardi B’s hint , proof of this is that the Chanel cage that he gave her is valued at $ 20,500 (more than 400,000 Mexican pesos) and we know it because he even left the price. “Yes! Men deserve gifts on Valentine’s Day too, but these should be less expensive than a girl’s gift. So if he gives you flowers, you buy him grass, “the rapper had clarified on her Twitter account.

So if he gave her an expensive cage — or bag? —And a Patek Philippe watch , what would she have given Offset?

Cardi B: Offset gave her a Chanel cage valued at this price
Cardi B: Offset gave her a Chanel cage

“Wow! Thanks Offset, you always give me something different. I love you and I value you ”, published Cardi B with the video of the cage. “Thank you baby, you made this weekend very special for me. I love you forever ”, the rapper posted with the photo of the watch, during her Valentine’s getaway.

Offset took Cardi and Kulture, their daughter, on a journey to a heavenly destination as yet unidentified. “You are my happiness, I love you and the dynasty that we continue to build,” the rapper posted with a vacation photo. 

A couple of months ago, Cardi B gave Offset a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 63 Roadster for his birthday . The golden car is valued at 600 thousand dollars (more than 12 million Mexican pesos). The Migos member , for his part, had given Cardi a Rolls-Royce, which worked for the rapper to reconcile and as a gift for the rapper’s birthday, in October 2020. 

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