Camilo surprises with his new tattoo and with the reaction of a fan

Camilo surprises with his new tattoo and with the reaction of a fan

The stage presence of Viña del Mar de Camille He left us two short stories that have a lot to do with the ink on the skin and with the Colombian soloist. Because we could see in more detail the tattoo that the interpreter dedicated to her baby and on the other we could see her reaction to that of one of her followers who unleashed memes on social networks.

Many noticed getting a new tattoo when he started singing some of his latest songs. On his chest you could perfectly read the letters that are part of Indigo’s name. A way to always take your first offspring with you wherever you go.

Without stridency or strange things, Camilo tattooed his name contrary to what one of his followers did, who did not hesitate to decorate his left arm with an image of the bust of the musician. An image that went around the world when the image went viral on social networks since the artist himself was responsible for spreading it through his Instagram stories.

And almost without solution of continuity, from the admiration of the interpreter for the beautiful gesture that this follower had towards him, he went to joke on the networks by some Internet users who wanted to draw attention to the small physical resemblance between the real picture and tattoo.

Details that led many to classify this tattoo as a failure. The sweetest assessment of the uya image that many charged hard. We already know how hate works on the networks. “The tattoo artist deserves jail”, “Ñamilo”, “Evaluna didn’t dare so much” or “The regrettable who is going to stick with this tattoo” were among the most commented and with the most interactions.

Although there are always those who took the story of this woman who had this precious gesture towards Camilo with humor: “Camilo, thank you for helping me heal with your music.” The funniest local post we found refers to another friend of the Colombian: “I never imagined Dani Martín with a mustache.”

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