The Swedish actress has revealed in an interview some unpleasant details of the intimate scenes of a shoot, although she did not mention the name of the film where it happened.

For a few years, not many, the figure of a coordinator of intimate scenes on filming has become more and more common. In this way, awkward moments, misunderstandings, and possible situations of abuse of power are avoided.

“They should have existed at the beginning of my career – Alicia Vikander has declared in a recent interview for Harper’s Bazaar -. In this way, uncomfortable encounters would have been avoided. I have been in situations that were not right, in which I did not feel protected”.

“Everyone was busy doing their stuff,” she continues, “and in the middle of it all, I was sitting naked for a couple of hours. Someone is supposed to show up in a robe, but they don’t. Then you realize that that wasn’t right. They should have taken care of me.”


Although she has confessed the emotional mark that this humiliating situation left on her, in which she had to wait naked for two hours in the middle of the set, Vikander has not revealed the name of the film to which she refers. We only know that it is one of her first productions, before becoming known in 2012 as the protagonist of A Royal Affair , and winning the Oscar for best supporting actress in 2015 for The Danish Girl .

The actress, married to the German actor Michael Fassbender in a private ceremony in Ibiza in 2017, announced a few months ago, in September 2021, her recent maternity.


Vikander, who trained as a ballerina at the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm, and starred in several musicals at the Gothenburg opera house before devoting herself full time to film, started out with independent films with unconventional roles. Her performances in the sci-fi thriller Ex Machina , The Danish Girl and The Green Knight are notable . The actress became a world star thanks to her role as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider .

In the aforementioned interview, the actress affirms that, although she feels very comfortable with her body, it is never easy to shoot intimate scenes. “If there is something that cannot be improvised in front of the camera, it is an intimate scene. You have to create a choreography and respect it, so that everyone knows what the next movement is. I have done quite a few nude and sex scenes, but it is never easy”.

“I love the sense of community that an independent film gives you” Alicia Vikander begins by explaining, although not everything is positive, including the fact of shooting nude or sex scenes that are increasingly controlled in the majors.

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