Favors of Lost Spirits in God of War: where to find them and how to complete them

Favors of Lost Spirits in God of War: where to find them and how to complete them

Favors are side quests that you will encounter throughout your adventure in God of War (2018) . You’ll run into some as you progress through the story and others as you explore further afield. Here’s how to find and complete them so you don’t miss a single one.

Favors of Stray Spirits in God of War: Kratos has never been such an errand boy

The Stray Spirits Favors are 5 and are scattered throughout the God of War map . At the end you get one of the trophies needed to get the Platinum . They are the following:

  • Anatomy of a promise
  • Pending issues
  • Dead weight
  • Time heals all
  • the hammer fall

Unlike Elden Ring , God of War marks side quests on the map with white and blue icons, so you won’t have any trouble finding the locations.

Anatomy of a Promise

If you pay attention during your adventure, this will probably be the first spirit you come across on your way. Atreus describes the details of this Favor in his journal:

“A spirit wants us to find the bones of a dead lady to reunite with the rest of her body. Her hands and head are missing, yuck! But if it works, maybe it’s worth it…”

Venture down the Stonecutter’s Canal in Midgard, north of the Temple of Tyr. Continue by boat to the beach and disembark. If you keep moving forward, you will see a corpse. As you approach, the spirit will appear. Your mission is simple: retrieve Gullvig’s bones .

There is no mystery because God of War marks the location of the hands and head on the map. All the points are spread around the main lake, the thing is that you probably won’t have enough power to access all the areas. You can leave it for when you finish the game, remember there are no missable quests or trophies .

Once you collect the parts, go back to the spirit and give them the parts. He now kills Gullveig’s apparition . As soon as he falls, the mission will be given as completed.

Pending issues

There are 4 spirits related to this Favor. You can interact with any of them to start the quest. I point out to you the closest spirit to Tyr’s Temple. Atreus describes the mission thus:

“Lighting the braziers on these islands will attract enemies, but it gives stray spirits a chance to call for help (and give us something useful for the journey).”

The mission is described as easy, but its realization is not: you have to light a series of braziers spread over different islands. Progress through the story until landing on the Isle of Death in Midgard (west of Tyr’s Temple) isn’t a headache.

Go through a gorge, go through a cave, and then climb a wall. Look for a brazier to find the spirit. The Favor begins when you obtain a Common Ax Pommel from the Spirit.

From where you are, take the south zip line path until you reach Iron Cove and find another brazier, light it and defeat the enemies. He interacts with the spirit to get a new reward shard.

The third brazier is located in the Forgotten Caverns , north of the Temple of Tyr. The beach you are looking for is located under the corpse of a huge dragon. The first spirit you will see belongs to another Favor. Enter the cave on the beach, go up a wall and down a chain to find the third brazier. Turn it on, defeat enemies and talk to the spirit.

Head to the Raven Ravines area , located east of the Temple of Tyr. Land on the beach, climb a wall, go through a door to the left, and climb until you find the last brazier. Don’t forget to take the Chest of the Norns. If you have activated all the braziers, the quest ends after talking to the last spirit.

Dead weight

Atreus describes this Favor in his journal in the following words:

“The spirit of the merchant told us that there are three different wrecks where his crew died. There was a seal next to the captain’s body, if we look for that symbol, we will find his crew, who are now infernal, and we will kill them… again. ”
Head towards the Forgotten Caverns . You find the spirit as soon as you disembark from the boat on the beach, specifically next to a cave. Talk to the spirit to activate the quest. Look at the three markers that have appeared on the map.

Kill the hell crew in all three locations:

  • South area of ​​the Island of Death.
  • Disembark at Cala de Hierro.
  • Go up the Niflheim Tower elevator and defeat the infernals.

Time heals all

This Favor is special because it is activated while you perform another Favor for Sindri , specifically the one called Family Matters . After retrieving the Whetstone, you find a Scroll (as I point out in the guide for that Favor) that triggers a quest. It is impossible to ignore it.

Now visit the spirit in Fafnir’s warehouse and complete the quest.

The Fall of the Hammer

This is surely the best Favor of all. The catch is that you have to progress through the story until the water has receded sufficiently. If not, remember that there are no missable quests or trophies in God of War . Atreus notes the following description in his diary:

“We met the spirit of a man who dedicated his life to Thor, but now he has turned against him. He wants us to destroy a statue… Not the big one from the Lake of Nine, but a smaller one from an island outside the Lake.” lake, adorned with emeralds. Although Father hates gods, I’m sure we’ll help him.”

Head to the Stone Falls , located east of the Temple of Tyr in Midgard. Disembark and head down the only path there is. It has no loss. The spirit appears to you next to a large golden door blocked by stone and a wheel that is part of a mechanism.

After speaking with the spirit, turn the gear wheel to reach Veithurgard Pass . Eliminate enemies and solve puzzles to advance. It has no loss. Thor ‘s statue is huge , emerald in color and stands on a large rock in the lake to the north. He approach with the boat and use the Leviathan Ax to destroy each part (legs, arms…).

When you’ve completed the demolition, return to the spirit to complete the quest. Completing all Favors earns you the Unfinished Business (Silver) Trophy .

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