Carmen Salinas suffered irreversible brain damage from the stroke she suffered on Wednesday, November 10. Her godson, Jorge Nieto, was interviewed by journalist Azucena Uresti for Radio Fórmula and revealed more details about the actress’s neurological report.

As indicated, the specialists assured that the stroke caused “irreversible damage”, the chances of seeing the actress awake again being almost nil, the main cause of this cardiovascular accident is the hypertension she suffers from.

“The stroke has irreversible damage, indeed it was in the brain stem, unfortunately what is the function of the body of the awakening body is the most affected. She is no longer going to wake up, that is what they are informing us,” said Nieto.


When the actress was in recovery, 3,000 users were connected to the virtual mass offered by Father José de Jesús Aguilar in the Parish of Santos Cosme and Damian, friends, fans and family were present.

Recognized actresses such as Adriana Fonseca and Claudia Cervantes were present at the mass in person. “I told her in her ear that both the family, you and all her fellow actors love her and that we were all asking for her, that she would really want to, that all of Mexico is praying for her,” she said.


Before this tragedy occurred, the actress herself made her will where she revealed who would be the heirs to her assets. In the Mexican program “Hoy”, Carmen Salinas indicated that she already had her will ready so as not to have problems between her relatives.

Salinas announced that among his assets he will distribute the study, which will remain in the hands of the daughters of his deceased son Pedro Plascencia Salinas and his house will be given to María Eugenia Plascencia.