A 36-year-old woman of Nigerian nationality residing in Palma de Mallorca has been detained by the Police and has been accused of attempted fraud and documentary falsification by allegedly impersonating the identity of an Athletic Club of Bilbao manager to collect a bill of 460,242 euros of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

This police operation is still open and more arrests are not ruled out after the arrest on November 2 of this woman who could be, in reality, a “mule” and not the one responsible for the hacking of the email of the Athletic director, sources of the case have informed.

Investigators have verified that this email was hacked and that the RFEF received an email requesting that the bill from the rojiblanco club be credited to a checking account owned by the detained woman, who was released on charges after giving a judicial statement.

Fortunately, the manager and the RFEF became aware of the scam, they filed complaints before the Police and obtained the prompt return of the amount transferred to this woman from the bank in question. This facilitated the reintegration of the money and that it was not transferred to an account outside of Spain.

Researchers believe more people are implicated in this case known as the “CEO scam”, in which cybercriminals enter the email of a senior manager, analyze all his messages and impersonate his identity to carry out a scam.

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