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TM Roh, president of Samsung Mobile: “We will continue with the policy of open collaboration, it is what customers want”

The leader of the South Korean company’s mobile device division defended the company’s business model and gave his vision of the context of high inflation affecting the world economy

From San Francisco, USA – After leading the official launch of the new generation of the Galaxy S series of cell phones, the president of Samsung Mobile Experience Division, TM Roh, confirmed that the company will continue with the policy of open collaboration that it has been implementing since a few years ago, and which led to commercial agreements with firms such as Google and Qualcomm, by ensuring that “this is what customers want” because, with this business model, users “do not get trapped in the functionalities provided by certain companies ”.

This was stated during an exclusive interview in which Infobae participated, just a few hours after the end of Galaxy Unpacked 2023, which was held at the Masonic Auditorium in the city of San Francisco, in the United States, and was the first completely face-to-face event to be held. carried out after the coronavirus pandemic.

“Basically, smartphones are based on an open ecosystem, where consumers can freely choose the features and services they want. They can download the services or applications from the store and then, of course, use them however they want. So, our cell phones are built on the basis of this open ecosystem and that should and will continue to be the case,” said the executive when asked by this medium.

For TM Roh, “this is one of the main differences between smartphones and old ones” and, in this way, “consumers around the world, including those in Latin America, do not get caught up with the features provided by certain companies, but they can choose freely”.

“So this also means that for Samsung Mobile what is important is not that our users use only the services that we have, but also that they can choose and use whatever service or feature they want. And this I think is the distinctive brand and the greatest strength that Samsung Mobile and Samsung Galaxy have, because it gives consumers what they want. This is the vision and the path that we will maintain”, he added.

Currently, the company has collaboration agreements with Qualcomm, which provides it with the processors used in the S series of its cell phones; with Nvidia, which provides them with graphics cards for their laptops; and with Google, Microsoft and various entertainment brands, such as Netflix and Spotify.

The South Korean company leads the market in the region

On the other hand, the president of the cell phone division of the South Korean firm spoke about the complications that have occurred in recent times regarding the acquisition of materials for the production and logistics for the delivery of electronic devices, generated by the pandemic and by the war in Ukraine.

Regarding the first of these points, he remarked that “now the flow of materials is returning to normal”, while logistics, “although it cannot be said that it returned to 100% of what it was before the covid, it is increasing considerably, particularly during 2022″, and he is confident that “in this 2023 it will return to normality as well”.

“Regarding the global economic situation, rising inflation, currency problems and political risks, as well as commodity prices, these are contexts that affect different industries, including cell phones, and it is for That is why we set ourselves a series of challenges in the second half of last year and that we will continue in the first part of this one”, he specified.

In addition, he remarked that “the Latin American economy is no stranger to what is happening around the world”, but considered that, in this context, “consumers will become wiser and more aware when choosing, so they will seek only the most essential products for them, that they really need”.

“In that concentration, Samsung products may be the ones that customers are going to look for, so they will become even more popular, since they have great power, in addition to the relationship we have with our consumers and our competitive ability, which is a value that we will try to keep strong for the Latin American market”, he closed.

On the other hand, when talking about the future of Internet connections, TM Roh pointed out that for the company “5G is very important” and, for this reason, it “invests a lot” in this technology to “be able to contribute to users” various functions “with great value and around the world”.

“If you look at the development of networks, 3G emerged in the past, which allowed access to social networks, which enriched the experience of mobile device users; then moving to 4G added Instagram, video chats and players like Youtube, so with 5G bringing more speed and broadband capacity, we think we’ll be able to provide even more experiences.” express.

In this sense, he highlighted that, for example, this type of internet connection will allow, “both Samsung and its partners, the opportunity to bring new services to be created in the future, such as video games in the cloud, which would be an immersive experience inside the metaverse.”

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