The main quality of entrepreneurs that leads to success is being hard-working, according to a study

The main quality of entrepreneurs that leads to success is being hard-working, according to a study

A study promoted by AXA shows that 31% would be willing to financially support a friend or family member with an idea for a new business.
Many people admire those who take the step and decide to set it up on their own so as not to depend on bosses. However, these usually prefer not to do so out of fear or not to lose the stability or security they perceive they have.

A survey commissioned by AXA in the United Kingdom and in which 2,000 people participated, indicates that the personal characteristic that most influences a business to be successful is that the employer is a worker (53%) . Motivation and organization appear in second and third place, respectively, with 48% and 46%.

35% believe that being willing to take risks is key to running your own business. On the other hand, there is 31% who say they would provide financial support if a friend or family member messes with his head and starts a new business.

However, there are several difficulties that lead people not to start a business . 31% indicate that they fear the lack of security and stability . In addition, there is an 11% who would not want others to depend on him. There are four out of ten who admit that they would love to work on something they are passionate about.

“Starting your own business is a big decision, which requires courage, self-confidence and drive. Despite the challenges small businesses face, most of those who have done so believe it is one of the best decisions they have ever made,” explains Claudio Gienal, CEO of AXA UK and Ireland.

“While there are many perceived barriers to shooting alone, the rewards speak for themselves ,” he adds.

Not alone, better with friends

A parallel study commissioned by the AXA subsidiary among half a thousand owners of companies with less than 9 employees shows that more than a fifth of the self-employed have borrowed money from a member of their family to help maintain the business.

In terms of emotional support, 44% trust their partner, while 19% find that other entrepreneurs really understand them.

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