Exhale uses Artificial Intelligence to facilitate the most efficient option for each client and operation. Through Business Intelligence and Machine Learning, the platform designed by Pinexports generates personalized quotes, selecting the best production center for each item in an order. Something that it achieves thanks to its algorithms developed to measure, which cross data on quality, legal, sustainability, specialization or distance between the factory and the warehouse.

The platform includes real-time tracking of each shipment, air or sea. The client can monitor every detail of the process and analyze their productions in time and quality in the Pinexports Network, with 250 audited production centers around the world.

Within the framework of Pinexports end-to-end services, customers are exempt from any customs and logistics process, with products offered under DDP or Delivery Duty Paid conditions. In addition, Exhale allows the digital signature of contracts and documents from the client area, streamlining procedures and simplifying the process.

Faced with a market with alternatives as a trader and slow and non-transparent processes, the startup based in A Coruña has created an innovative platform that facilitates the comprehensive management of all production processes , providing efficiency, transparency and speed. In the words of the CEO of Pinexports, Román Sánchez, “Pinexports has always been committed to the digitization of this sector and thanks to Exhale, customers will be able to focus entirely on innovating.”


Pinexports is specialized in international manufacturing to measure and risk 0 in the textile, industrial and retail sectors. With three years of experience in the market, it has an office and staff in Guangzhou, China, as well as a network of agents in nine countries.

Pinexports stands out for its ability to adapt to customer needs and to different markets. This allows you to obtain competitive advantages in price and delivery time with respect to other competitors. In addition, thanks to its network of quality control agents in Europe and Asia, both the manufacturing centers and all phases of the process (pre-shipment, production and container loading) are thoroughly audited.

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