The billionaire Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, sold about 4,000 million dollars in shares of the electric vehicle company in the two days after the board of directors of Twitter accepted his purchase offer, according to documents published this Thursday (28.04. 2022).

The US Securities Market Commission (SEC) said that Musk sold between Tuesday and Wednesday of this week more than 4.4 million shares of Tesla at a price that varied between 870 and $1,000 per title.

Musk’s sales coincided with a sharp drop in the value of shares in Tesla, whose CEO owned around 17% of its capital before the start of the week.

“No More Stock Sales”
“No more Tesla stock sales planned after today,” the South African billionaire wrote on his Twitter account Thursday as the figures were released.

Musk, the richest man in the world according to the Forbes list, achieved his purpose on Monday of taking over the social network Twitter, which he described as “the digital town square”, after the company accepted his purchase offer for 44,000 million dollars.

The head of Tesla, which has more than 9% of Twitter’s shareholding, launched a sharp purchase offer on April 14, “the best and last”, at a rate of 54.20 dollars per share, which is finally what he will pay to through an entity.

The businessman of South African origin, very fond of this social network, has presented himself as a defender of “freedom of expression” on the platform and now seems to carry that mission as a flag in his new conquest, of which he has offered very few details .

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