HMD Global announces its growth predictions for this 2022

HMD Global announces its growth predictions for this 2022

HMD Global, owner of Nokia phones, announced that its Services business will see significant growth and scale in 2022. This with one million subscriptions projected in the first half of 2022. This achievement will mark a turning point in the scale of HMD Global’s connectivity, EMM, IoT and security offerings. And it positions the company to achieve greater penetration in the enterprise space in the coming years.

Industry expert Janne Lehtosalo has overseen the growth of HMD Global Services offerings since the end of 2019. And she will continue to build on these successes to drive this division of the business for faster and smarter growth in both 2022 and 2022. future.

“Listening and working collaboratively with our enterprise customers around the world has enhanced HMD’s offering. And the company is now a vital partner in these customer connectivity experiences,” said Lehtosalo.

The expected 1 million subscriptions are split between the three core products ( Connect Pro , Enable Pro and Softlock) and consist of IoT connections, EMM licenses as well as device lock licenses. Building on its renowned portfolio of business smartphones and tablets, HMD Services’ offering has leveraged HMD’s business capabilities to become a strategic partner for enterprise mobility and IoT connectivity. Clients such as Nokia Enterprise Solutions, M-KOPA in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Multiláser in Brazil have used HMD Servicios to gain the flexibility to rapidly scale their operations and drive business growth.

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