“Inflation” – Amazon Prime will increase its prices significantly from September

“Inflation” – Amazon Prime will increase its prices significantly from September

Various price increases

In recent months there have been various price increases in many places. This is not only noticeable at gas stations or supermarkets, but also with online services such as the popular streaming provider Netflix or the gigantic company Amazon.

The media is currently clamoring for the Netflix streaming platform, and many negative headlines are flooding the internet. Because in addition to restructuring the subscription service, the company has drastically increased its prices and also blocked the possibility of sharing an account in many places.

To the regret of many users. An insanely large wave of layoffs is currently the answer. Many users can no longer afford it. However, the streaming provider sees the migration of many users as a success.

Amazon Prime increases the subscription price

Internet giant Amazon is now also joining. The subscription offer from Amazon Prime should now also increase significantly in price. Germany-wide, instead of the original 7.99 euros, 8.99 euros per month will be due. In the year it is then just under 90 euros for the users who previously paid 69 euros. Amazon cites the general and significant cost changes due to increasing inflation as the reason for this. These are probably based on factors that the company cannot influence.

As early as the next payment period from September 15 of this year, the price of the Prime service should probably increase. A spokesman for the online retailer went on to say that this is the first price increase in five years and that the range has been steadily expanded. This is how the company continues to justify its increase in Prime fees.

Amazon Prime is the online giant’s most important and lucrative service. Many advantages attract users, such as free shipping even without a minimum order value, as well as other Prime offers. In addition, Prime members have the option of accessing video and music streaming services. In the United States, from which the service originates, a price increase for Prime subscribers was implemented earlier this year. Here, the service has been costing $139 a year since February instead of $119 a year.

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