Amazon announced on Friday (5) the acquisition of iRobot , maker of robot vacuums Roomba, for US$ 1.7 billion. The deal adds one of the best-known lines in the category to the e-commerce giant’s connected home portfolio, in a transaction that hasn’t had many details released to the public.

Amazon opted for a cash payment of $61 per share of the acquired company — a total 22% above iRobot’s close on Thursday (4), the last trading day before the purchase announcement. There are also indications that there will be no immediate changes in the company. Colin Angle, the manufacturer’s current CEO, is expected to remain in the position.

In an official statement, Amazon was full of praise. The text claims that the company has revolutionized the way people take care of their own homes and technologies related to obstacle avoidance and other resources, such as emptying the trash when it is full. Such ideas dovetail with Amazon’s own idea of ​​making people’s lives easier and more enjoyable.

Angle also left his comment. He claims that there is a connection between iRobot and Amazon when it comes to the innovation and practicality of the products and technologies embedded in them. The executive stated that the company is the best place for his team to continue the mission that has existed since the company was founded.

The deal still depends on approval from the vacuum maker’s board of directors and regulatory approvals. The official statement did not give a deadline for the entire process to be finalized or give more details, for example, about possible exclusives in sales or greater integration between Roomba devices and Amazon’s home automation systems.

This last aspect, by the way, is one of the main focuses of the company in recent times, mainly because it promotes fierce competition with another giant, Google . Earlier this year, Amazon launched Astro, a home assistant capable of performing security, entertainment and assistance tasks while wheeling around the house to serve residents.

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